What Are Some Flower Names That Start With the Letter “T”?

Some flower names that start with “T” include tulip and tansy. Other flower names beginning with “T” are toadflax, trumpet flower, trillium, tuberose, toad lily, trefoil and twinspur.

Tulips are among the most popular flowers. They can grow both in the garden and indoors from bulbs. They come in a variety of colors, from pure white to a purplish-black. Though they are poisonous to eat and have a reputation of being invasive once they’re established, tansies are also attractive, with bright yellow, button-shaped blossoms. They are also used in herbal medicine. Toadflax is another plant that’s considered invasive and noxious, but one form is the beautiful snapdragon. The flowers of the Dalmatian toadflax are lemon yellow, resembling those of a snapdragon.

Trumpet flowers, or angel’s trumpets, also come in a variety of colors, ranging from white to a deep salmon orange. Trillium gets its name from its three large bracts that surround a scape. Some kinds of trillium remain endangered in the wild. Tuberose is grown from bulbs, and many value it for its heady fragrance, which is often used in perfumes. Though trefoil can be unwanted, it serves as a forage plant and helps control erosion. Its yellow flowers resemble pea flowers.