How Do I Get Floor Tile Glue Off the Surface of Tiles?

Cooking oil, acetone and mineral spirits used separately are three options for removing tile glue from the surface of tiles. Industry experts recommend using an oak stick for scraping to prevent damage to the surface of the tile.

Cooking oil can loosen the adhesion of the glue to the tile’s surface. Start by saturating the spot with oil. Let it soak into the adhesive for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Using the oak stick, gently work the adhesive off the tile. Do not press too hard as the top layer of the tile might come off. If necessary, repeat the soaking procedure. Use a paper towel to clean up the excess oil, and then use soap and water to remove the residue. Dishwashing liquid is effective against oily residue.

Acetone is another option for removing the glue. While wearing gloves, moisten a clean rag with acetone. Use a circular motion to rub it over the tile glue, which should come off right away. Use soapy water to remove excess acetone from the tile’s surface.

It may be necessary to use stronger chemicals for larger areas. Solvents such as lighter fluid, paint thinner or mineral spirits can remove large amounts of tile glue. Soak a cloth in one of the solvents and lay it over the glue for 15 minutes. Use the oak stick to remove the glue. Wash the tile when finished.