What Does the Flag of Argentina Mean?


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The Argentine flag is believed to reflect the meaning of the importance of independence. Although no one knows exactly why the flag's background colors of horizontal white with blue stripes were chosen, the colors are believed to be symbolic of the clear sky that appeared on May 25, 1810. That was the day of the first organized demonstration in which Argentineans petitioned for the country's independence.

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The blue and white stripes also might have a double meaning related to a clear, blue sky. This color scheme is also thought to represent the clear skies that often appear near the country's famous Andes mountain range. One reason the stripes are interpreted as symbolizing a sky is that a sun is featured in the center of the flag.

The sun features a human face that was modeled after Inti, the Inca god of sun. The sun is also a replica of the design featured on the first Argentine coin.

The Argentine flag was officially adopted in 1812, four years after the country gained independence from Spain. The blue and white colors were designed by Manuel Belgrano, a leader of the movement to gain independence. The sun was added to the flag two years later in 1818.

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