How Do You Fix a Television That Won’t Turn On?

To fix a television that won’t turn on, first ensure that the power cord is firmly connected. Then, remove HDMI devices that might be controlling the power function. Finally, replace your remote batteries, and ensure that the remote devices are set to control the television.

  1. Check connection status

    Go to the back of your television, turning it gently if necessary to access the back panel. Check to ensure that the power cord is firmly attached to the back of the television body, and make sure that it is plugged securely into a wall outlet. Plug a smaller device into the outlet to ensure that power is flowing freely. Inspect the back of your television to see if there is a power switch; if so, turn the switch to the On position.

  2. Unplug HDMI inputs

    Unplug any HDMI devices that are attached to your television; some HDMI ports enable the device to turn the television on and off. Switch the input to your cable system, and try to turn the television on.

  3. Troubleshoot remote control issues

    Check to make sure that your remote control is working properly. If the lights do not flash, or if they turn off intermittently during use, replace the batteries. Then, ensure that your remote is set to turn the television on rather than the cable box or DVD player. Push the TV input button, and then push the Power button.