How Do I Fix Overcooked Chicken?

Real Simple reveals that an easy way to fix overcooked chicken is to chop the meat into bite-sized pieces and cover it in a simple sauce of herbs and olive oil. This technique also works with boned chicken pieces, such as drumsticks and wings. Trim away any blackened, charred portions, and coat the rest of the meat in a thick sauce.

Real Simple explains that overcooked chicken is dry and lacks flavor, which is why adding heavy and oily sauces works so well. Another way to rescue overcooked chicken is to shred the meat and add it to soup, chili or a vegetable stew.

Severely overcooked chicken makes an excellent base for croquettes. Croquettes are infinitely variable and cook quickly. One version combines overcooked shredded chicken with mashed potatoes or bread crumbs, cooked peas, spices and a dollop of mayonnaise, butter or cream cheese. These nuggets are equally tasty when deep-fried, pan-fried or broiled. They also freeze well for up to one month.

The French mousseline technique is also effective with overcooked chicken. Cookbook author and gourmand Michael Ruhlman explains that mousseline contains pureed meat or shellfish mixed with heavy cream and eggs. Using egg whites instead of whole eggs reduces the cholesterol content. Mousseline batter has several useful applications. For example, dollops dropped into hot broth become light, puffy dumplings. Mousseline is also a convenient filling for savory turnovers made with puff pastry or phyllo sheets.