How Do I Fix an Oven Door?

To fix an oven door, remove the door from the oven, replace all worn-out hinges and broken springs, install a new rubber gasket, and reattach the door. You need a screwdriver, a knife, replacement hinges, replacement springs, pliers and a replacement gasket.

  1. Replace worn-out hinges

    Unplug the cord from the socket or shut the gas if your oven is a gas model to prevent injury. Undo any screws that hold the hinges in position, pull the door upwards, and then outwards to detach the hinges from the oven. Insert the new hinges into the hinge holes, and secure the hinges with screws.

  2. Replace any broken springs

    Remove the bottom drawer, and replace any broken springs located between the door and the oven. Secure the new springs in place with bolts.

  3. Replace the rubber lining if needed

    Remove the rubber lining from the inside edge of the oven door by loosening a section of the rubber with a flat-head screw driver and then pulling out the rubber with pliers. Replace the lining with a new one by inserting the new rubber in the door groove, and rotate one end to meet the other. Finally, shut the door to test its operation.