How Do You Fix a Leaking Ice Maker on Your Maytag Refrigerator?

One reason a Maytag ice maker may leak is because the freezer or ice maker is not level. A person can clear up leaks quickly with a level. If that doesn’t work, a problem with the water supply line, fill cup, inlet switch or inlet valve may cause the leak.

If the water supply line is the culprit, it may just be kinked or twisted. If not, the line needs to be replaced. If the fill cup is causing the leak, it may have become misaligned. By checking this, then aligning it with the flow of water, the leak may be fixed.

The inlet switch may cause a leaking ice maker because it has become corroded. By examining the switch closely, a person can see the corrosion. If corroded, the entire switch should be replaced. To test this, a multimeter can be used to get an accurate reading.

If the leak is still occurring, the refrigerator owner should check the inlet valve. To check this, the appliance should be unplugged from the electrical outlet, and the water should be disconnected from the unit. The supply line likely has water in it, so it is recommended that a bucket be on hand to catch the water. A multimeter should be used on the valve, and it should be tested for mechanical issues as well as electrical. If issues are found, the valve needs to be replaced.