How Do You Fix a Digital Scale?

To fix a digital scale, troubleshoot the scale, replace the batteries, find the adjustment mechanism, and recalibrate it to show zero when there is nothing on top of it. Digital scales are accurate, but when their batteries become depleted, errors can occur.

  1. Troubleshoot to verify issue

    If the scale is showing an inaccurate reading, make sure it is on a level, flat surface. Carpet and uneven surfaces may produce false readings. If the screen is showing odd or unusual figures, lightly press the LCD screen in to check for a loose connection. If none of this helps, move on to checking the battery.

  2. Check the battery

    The most common reason for errors is a depleted battery. If a scale has a low battery, replace the old batteries with new ones.

  3. Recalibrate the scale

    Find the recalibration mechanism that adjusts the numbers shown on the screen. All scales are different, but most of them have buttons on the bottom for adjustments. Zero the scale by removing any objects from the surface of the scale and adjusting the shown weight to 0. Another way to check for accuracy is to find an object with a known weight and verify that it shows correctly when placed on the scale.