How Do You Fix a Dehumidifier When It Ices Up?

When a dehumidifier ices up, the home owner should remove the cover panel and allow the ice to melt by manually powering off the unit. Unplugging the unit and allowing the dehumidifier to sit idle for a few days typically solves the problem.

A dehumidifier is likely to ice up when used in colder spaces. To avoid icing, homeowners should avoid using dehumidifiers in room temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Dirty coils may also cause freezing. Home owners should routinely open the panel and vacuum the coils to remove dust. Wiping down the coils with a warm cloth and brushing off debris with a soft bristle brush may also help to eliminate icing or prevent malfunctions.

Routine maintenance to a dehumidifier can help prevent icing and overall malfunction. Clean the condensers and evaporators often and empty the water tank frequently so the unit continues to operate efficiently. If the dehumidifier is not operating, home owners can troubleshoot the problem by checking the power and testing the outlet. The outlet may need to be repaired or the power cord may need to be replaced if it is worn or torn. Applying lubricant to the fan motor bearings and removing any dirt or dust obstructions in the condenser can help to prevent ice from forming and the dehumidifier to stop working.