How Do You Fix Broken Reading Glasses?

Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

To fix broken reading glasses, purchase an eyeglass repair kit, replace any lost screws, apply clear nail polish to secure the screws, and wrap a rubber band around the arms to tighten a loose hinge. If the plastic frames have broken, wrap tape around the break.

  1. Purchase an eyeglass repair kit

    Purchase a repair kit that includes a tiny screwdriver and several sizes of screws that can be used for the repair.

  2. Check and tighten the hinges

    Inspect the hinges to see if any screws are loose or missing. If both hinge screws are present, tighten them with the screwdriver.

  3. Replace and secure screws

    Find the largest screw from the repair kit that fits in the hinge. Turn and tighten the screw inside the hinge. If the new screw is not a perfect fit or the existing screws come loose frequently, apply a dab of clear nail polish onto the screws.

  4. Tighten a loose hinge

    If the screws are secure and the hinge is still loose, the hinge itself has become stretched out. Grab two tiny rubber bands, color them with a marker to match your eyeglasses, and then slide the rubber bands into the V-shaped gaps created by the folded arms.