How Do You Fix a Broken Metal Table Leg?

Save money and preserve your metal table by fixing its broken legs. Metal table legs need repair when they start to wobble and shift. Metal table legs attached to the table top with some screw set or bolts and nuts require tightening or replacements of damaged parts from time to time to avoid breaking or further damage.

  1. Purchase the right kind of adhesive

    Metal table tops are usually made of metal, wood or glass, while metal table leg structures are normally made entirely of metal. Choose the right kind of adhesive based on the material to be bonded to your metal table leg.

  2. Clean the surfaces of materials to be bonded

    Clean metal parts by sanding them. Wipe the part to be bonded until it is clean. Make sure it is free from dust, oil, dirt or wax.

  3. Apply adhesive with care

    Apply the metal bonding adhesive with care by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Observe the temperature requirement for best results.

  4. Avoid exposure to water, rain or a damp environment right away

    Different metal bonding adhesives have different curing times. Follow the instructions to make sure your metal table has stable and stronger legs the next time you use it.