How Do You Fix a Broken Cable in a Recliner Chair?

The only way to fix a broken recliner cable is to remove the broken cable, order a new one, and install the new cable when it arrives. Order the cable online or at a retail outlet that carries the brand.

  1. Remove the cushion

    Remove the cushion from the recliner, or pull it to the side if it is not removable.

  2. Unscrew the lever

    Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the lever in place. They are inside a cup-shaped holder. Use the screwdriver to pull out the cup, and set the screws and cup aside.

  3. Remove the cable

    Turn the chair upside down and locate the area where the cable attaches to the bottom of the chair with a clip. Use a pair of pliers to compress the clip, and pull out the cable. Remove the cable from the lever if it is not already disengaged.

  4. Order a new cable

    Measure the length of the cable and order one from the manufacturer’s website, or from a furniture outlet.

  5. Attach the new cable

    Place the new cable on the bottom mechanism on the chair. Secure the clip over the cable to keep it in place. Position the chair upright, pull the cable up to the lever, and slide on the end of the cable.

  6. Attach the cup

    Screw the cup back onto the lever using a screwdriver.