What Are Five Good Questions to Ask a Psychic?


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Good questions to ask a psychic vary based on what the person wants to learn and what is important in his life at the time. Questions that begin with the word "what" or "how" are good because they put the focus on actions that can be taken to obtain what the person desires in life. Questions that begin with "why" can also be a good choice.

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It is helpful to group questions into categories before seeing a psychic. As an example of a good career-related question, a person could ask what type of work he is best suited for. Asking how he can improve the relationships in his life is a good relationship question. Questions that can be answered with a yes or no should be avoided, because the answer may increase anxiety and lead to further questions. Questions that begin with the word "should" are considered needy, as they put a life decision in the hands of a psychic. The person should use a question that requires a detailed answer so he can make his own decision based on that answer.

Psychics can be consulted in person, on the telephone or online. It is important to be relaxed during the session. It can be helpful to take notes during a psychic reading.

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