How Do You Get a Fishing License in Ohio?

Individuals can obtain a fishing license in the state of Ohio by purchasing a license online, using a mail order form or by phone. In order to purchase a fishing license, a social security number is required.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife offers online fishing license sales via credit card on the Ohio Division of Natural Resources for a total of $19.00 for Ohio residents. In addition to applying for a license, Ohio fishers can also review all licensing requirements and exemptions. In order to request a mail order Ohio fishing license application, interested parties can call 1-800-WILDLIFE or (614) 265-6300. Mail and online orders will result in receipt of a physical license that must be carried at all times when fishing.

One and three-day fishing licenses are available by two different phone sales methods. Applicants can speak to a live customer service representative who will assist with the process at 1-866-703-1928 for an additional surcharge of $5.50. In order to speak to a voice prompt system instead of a live representative, interested individuals can call 1-855-764-347 for an additional $3.25 surcharge. Upon completion of a fishing license order with either phone system, the state of Ohio will issue a license number that must be carried with a photo ID at all times while fishing. A phone order will not result in a physical license.