What Is the First Step in a Complete Plan of Salvation?


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The first step in a complete plan of salvation is the recognition of sin and turning away from it, or repentance. God's plan of salvation entails rebirth, as Peter explains in Acts 2:38. Depending on the denomination and its statements of faith, there may be a different first step.

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Mormon.org advocates that exercising faith in Him is the first step in a complete plan of salvation. This agrees with Mark 16:16 and, to a degree, Romans 10:9, although neither scripture holds that a total, mature faith is an absolute prerequisite, since faith grows over time.

Repentance and baptism are central to the plan of salvation that many Christian denominations advocate. Furthermore, the steps are a template and not a specific doctrine that fails to culminate in salvation if not completed in precisely the advised order.

Baptism may precede faith, and both potentially support repentance, which is an ongoing process.

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