What Was the First Protestant Faith?

The first Protestant faith began in the 16th century, as there was a harsh split with Catholicism. This Protestant Reformation began in 1517 and was led by Martin Luther, John Calvin and others, and brought about Lutherans and Calvinists. Shortly thereafter, Presbyterians formed after the Scottish Reformation in 1536.

The Church of England also separated from Rome and Catholicism during this time, and Anglican churches were formed. The beginning of the Protestant Reformation is said to have started when German theologian Martin Luther wrote a document called the "95 Theses."

Other Protestant faiths include the United Church of Christ, Baptists and Pentecostals. Protestants adhere to scriptures, and believe both in Hebrew texts, known as the Old Testament, and texts after the birth of Jesus, known as the New Testament. This is in contrast to Judaism, as Jews believe only in the Old Testament, which they refer to as the Torah. Protestants believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that He was the Son of God.

Protestantism also had a revival in the American colonies in the early to mid-1700s known as the First Great Awakening, and the Second Great Awakening occurred in 1800. During these times, there was renewed interest and enthusiasm in Protestantism.