What Is a First Lady of the Church?

The "First Lady" of a church is the pastor's wife. The Bible does not set any specific roles for the pastor's wife, but she typically supports her husband's calling and works with him to perform God's work.

The Assemblies of God encourages a pastor's wife to use her heart, mind and hands to support her husband's ministry. Her heart influences her dreams and attitude. Her dreams give her purpose and define her calling, and her attitude influences those around her, including congregation members and her children. Her negative attitude may discourage others from serving God or influence her children's perspective of the church.

The pastor's wife uses her mind through her choices and her Bible. She can choose to feel sorry for herself and discouraged with the trials God has given her, or she can choose to move forward from past hurts. Reading the Bible provides guidance about why God has chosen her for the ministry. For example, James 1:22 encourages readers to do what the Bible says, instead of just reading the words.

The pastor's wife uses her hands through her family and her gifts. She must devote time to her congregation while creating a strong and healthy family unit. Each pastor's wife has different gifts to share with her congregation. She discovers these gifts by doing something that she enjoys and sharing it with her congregation.