What Are Filipino Values?


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Filipino values are apparent in the traits of risk-taking, social responsibility and entrepreneurship as well as a strong sense of family. The Filipinos place immense value on the family and the community.

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What Are Filipino Values?
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Filipino culture values a structured way of life and a strong sense of community, as opposed to the Western ideal of individuality. Filipinos are therefore more dependent and less autonomous. They see themselves as a self within the family, and that is where their self-concept lies. Filipinos believe that any personal successes are family successes and any personal failings are family failings. The elementary family consists of the mother, father and the children, while the bilateral extended family includes the relatives of both the mother and the father.

Women in the Philippines hold a high status and are the equals of the men in the family. They can drive, walk alone and earn money on their own. The Filipinos value equality for all. They love to give and attend parties for every event in the family, such as the baptism of an infant, a job promotion or passing of a government exam. Filipino values all stem from the sense of family that is imperative to the cultural fabric of the nation. This promotes a generosity of spirit and a warmth in the country.

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