What Are Some Filipino Traditions?

Some of the traditions of the Filipino include prohibiting marriage between members of the same kinship cycle. Their culture is also big on hospitality and traditional sports, such as mah-jong and jueteng. The Filipino traditions are derived from the indigenous Austronesian tribes, known as the Malayo.

The Filipino apply strong values when it comes to the family. This is because the family is considered as the main building block of the society. However, under no circumstances is marriage accepted between members of the same kinship.

A close-knit Filipino family has a kin who is surrounded by a cluster of household in a typical Filipino village. The kin provides assistance to the members, while the members of the kinship are expected to maintain loyalty to the kin and the kinship.

The Filipino culture dictates that members within the society welcome foreigners into their households. Even the humblest of households within the Filipino villages welcome foreigners and strangers into their households and serve them what they have. It is a tradition that members within the society give a foreigner the best food and shelter, while they seek alternative accommodation. According to the Filipino culture, it is considered rude not to invite a foreigner in for some food or drink.