How Do You File for an Unemployment Extension in California?

Unemployment benefits in the state of California have the potential to run out. Individuals who do not have a source of income at this point in time are eligible to apply for an unemployment extension. This involves consulting an unemployment counselor and asking him for directions on how to proceed based on the individual’s particular circumstances.

Most of the process of claiming unemployment benefits is automated, so there is very little one needs to do on her part in order to get approval to receive benefits. There are a number of rules that one needs to understand when filing for such extension. For one, it is important to note that the number of extensions one can get is limited. For this reason, it is wise for the applicant to make an effort to obtain an income as fast as possible. It is important to check for one’s eligibility to get the extension before her current unemployment benefits run out. This gives one the time to go through the process of filing for an extension such that she does not have zero income during that time. It might also prove worthwhile to consult other individuals who have successfully applied for such extensions in order to find out more about their experiences.