How Do You File a Claim for a Phone With Asurion?

To file a claim for a phone with Asurion, go to, click on the first drop-down menu for devices, select Mobile, and then select the service provider from the next drop-down menu. On the new window, click File Claim, provide the required details, and then click Submit Claim.

When filing a claim, you need to provide a detailed account of what happened to the device and upload the required documents. On the next stage, provide the shipping address, confirm whether the provided details are correct, pay your deductible online, and then click Submit Claim. Check your email account for a confirmation email after submitting the claim.

To be eligible for compensation, the user must file a claim within 60 days of the date of the loss, but this policy varies depending on the service provider. If the claim is successful, you should receive a replacement phone within two business days. If the model or make of your previous phone is no longer available, you should receive a different phone with similar characteristics and quality.

You must return the defective or damaged device within 10 to 15 days using the shipping label that comes with the replacement device. However, the requirement to return the device does not apply to lost or stolen devices.