What Are Some Facts About Female Saints?

What Are Some Facts About Female Saints?

St. Lucy lived in Syracuse and was a martyr executed for her beliefs. St. Anne was the mother of Mary. St. Margaret of Antioch was one of the 14 Holy Helpers. St. Monica was mother to Saint Augustine.

Lucy, who lived in Syracuse during the fourth century, was a victim of the Diocletian Persecution. According to medieval legend, Lucy pulled out her own eyes to dissuade a suitor who admired them. Other accounts say Governor Paschasius' guards gouged out her eyes before executing her. St. Lucy is known as the patron saint of the blind and is often depicted with eyes resting on a plate or cup.

St. Anne was the wife of Saint Joachim and the mother of Mary. Anne and Joachim were wealthy, devoted Jews from the house of David, but were childless. When Anne was an old woman, she gave birth to her only child, Mary. St. Anne is the patron saint of cabinet makers, housekeepers, horse riders, mothers and grandmothers.

St. Margaret of Antioch is one of the 14 Holy Helpers. She was beheaded for refusing to denounce Christianity. Prior to her beheading, guards tried to burn and drown her, but she did not die. St. Margaret is the patron saint of pregnant women.

Monica was married to a pagan husband in North Africa and had three children, Perpetua, Navigius and Augustine. Monica's family, with the exception of Augustine, converted to Catholicism. Legend is that Monica persistently prayed for 17 years before Augustine converted and was later canonized. St. Monica is the patron saint of abuse victims, and Catholics often ask her to pray for them.