What Are Some Features of Prophetic Ministry?


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Depending on one's religious perspective, features of prophetic ministry include acknowledgement of sin, motivating profound repentance, instilling a spirit of fear in the face of the Lord's power, correcting believers and directing their behavior. For others, features of prophetic ministry including providing encouragement, comfort and exhortation to believers by foretelling what God is going to do and helping people prepare for God's action. From either perspective, prophetic ministry is a direct calling from God.

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Some see prophetic ministry as spiritual warfare, warning of the enemy's actions and instructing true believers in methods of counterattack. This type of prophetic minister is typically fearless in the face of opposition and tradition. For some, speaking in tongues or physical shaking provide evidence true prophetic ministry. However, others do not see these manifestations as evidence of prophetic ministry and believe instead that the prophetic ministry is one of gentleness and self-control.

Some believe that prophets deserve elite status, and some engaged in prophetic ministry also seek to be regarded as above those they serve. Others believe that those engaged in true prophetic ministry should not personally benefit from their ministry and should not merely hear and share the word of God, but should provide evidence of God's message in their daily activities.

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