What Are Some Features of the Kenneth Wuest Bible?

What Are Some Features of the Kenneth Wuest Bible?

The main feature of the "Wuest Expanded Translation" Bible is the attempt by the author, Kenneth Wuest, to better translate the New Testament's original language of Greek into English. In the attempt, the biblical scholar created a translation that tries to both examine the full breadth of the intent of the original text as and then put that information into easily understood verbiage.

The "Wuest Expanded Translation" Bible was intended as a companion piece for those studying the New Testament.

A professor of New Testament Greek at Moody Bible Institute, Kenneth Wuest felt that biblical scripture lost some of its potency when translated into English. Wuest hoped to alleviate that by packing his translation with additional pertinent information.

He published his three-volume edition of the New Testament from 1956-59. In comparison with other translations, Wuest's interpretation is generally more verbose. This style of writing allows the reader to consider other interpretations of a particular verse, unimpeded by the connotations of a single word or phrase.

Wuest based his translation on the Greek-language version of the New Testament, called the "Novum Testamentum Graece." Wuest helped translate portions of what is now known as the New American Standard Bible. He also published a number of other titles dealing primarily with etymology in the New Testament.