What Are Some Features of Barclay's Bible Commentary?

What Are Some Features of Barclay's Bible Commentary?

Barclay's Bible commentary features a verse by verse examination of the New Testament. There are 17 volumes in the compilation. The commentary includes Barclay's examination and interpretation of the New Testament, along with comprehensive background information and details.

Barclay's Bible commentary conveys insights and explanations of scripture from its historical context. It also contains literary quotes and interesting anecdotes. The commentary attempts to summarize the text into a message that connects with both lay people and clergy.

Each volume of the commentary was a best seller. Saint Andrew Press published the full commentary as the "Daily Study Bible." The author's son, Ronnie Barclay, updated the commentary with the original publisher and released the revised version as the "New Daily Study Bible."

In 2008, Saint Andrew Press started producing pocket-sized books inspired by Barclay's work. The books begin with introductions from contemporary scholars, broadcasters and authors.

William Barclay was a theologian, author and presenter that aspired to making quality biblical scholarship available to average readers. He was also a minister in the Church of Scotland and a Professor at the University of Glasgow. He believed in universal salvation and pacifism. He was also skeptical about the doctrine of the Trinity, stating that it was nowhere in the Bible.