What Is a Father’s Role?

Andrew Penner/E+/Getty Images

The main role of a father is to stay actively involved in the lives of his children. Children usually want attention from dad. Another aspect of a father’s role is to provide growing children with guidance, which helps them navigate the world. A father dispenses advice and is supportive of his children’s various activities.

A father may not be as verbal with his kids as a mom would be, but it’s important he display a level of care and concern for his kids. This could be expressed with simple gestures such as a hug or pat on the back. Some dads like to demonstrate how to do things. For instance, it’s common for a baseball-loving dad to take a child outdoors and give pitching and hitting lessons. A musical dad might encourage his child to take piano or guitar lessons.

A good dad does his best to be emotionally available. There are times in a child’s life when he needs a heart-to-heart talk with his dad. Children are bound to make mistakes, but a father’s understanding can make a world of difference during those rough patches. A divorced father should make an effort to stay in touch with his kids and remain available for talks and visitations.