How Fast Do Cedar Trees Grow?

The growth rate of cedar trees depends on the specific species, but most varieties grow 1 or 2 feet during each growing season. The growth rate is slower during their infancy, but it gradually increases as the tree matures.

During the first year after a cedar tree is planted, it uses most of its energy to establish a healthy root system for security. Afterward, its growth rate increases in terms of both height and girth. Trimming the tops of cedar trees will encourage outward growth to fill in hedges and lines.

Some cedar trees grow faster than others. For example, the Eastern red cedar might grow as little as 1 foot per year, while the green rocket hybrid cedar can grow as much as 3 feet in a growing season. When evaluating potential trees, it is important to consider the species as well as the category.

Cedar trees can reach heights of 30 feet or more, and are often used to create privacy hedges and property liners. They are not susceptible to many insects or other wildlife, which makes them ideal for both rural and suburban use. Unlike other trees, they do not drop their foliage in winter, which means less yard work and more greenery outside of the growing season.