What Is Fashion Like in Canada?


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Canadian fashion is sensible, durable and classic, with rugged details that reflect the Canadian wilderness. Popular clothing items include skinny jeans, trousers, flannel shirts and black tights. Canadian designers often use fabrics such as leather, fur and wool in their collections.

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Unlike their neighbors in the United States, Canadians prefer timeless wardrobe pieces over trendy clothing. According to Metro News, there has been a movement against the fast-fashion industry in Toronto, where local retailers have begun providing eco-friendly basics that do not go out of style. Canadian men like to wear practical and utilitarian styles, such as hiking boots, military jackets and denim jeans. Canadian women commonly wear A-line dresses with cable-knit stockings and thick heels or boots. Men's and women's outfits are often paired with a stylish scarf and corresponding hat. Olive green, navy blue, gray, black and other muted colors are popular.

Canadian designers reflect the national preference for functional fashion in their collections. A Toronto-based menswear label, 18 Waits provides rugged clothing such as dark denim jackets and boots in a palette of gray, brown and black. Lululemon, the Vancouver-based apparel company, is renowned for simple black yoga pants. As of 2014, the heavy, fur-lined jackets from the Toronto company Canada Goose have become a wardrobe staple for celebrities and politicians.

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