What Are Some Famous Sociology Studies Regarding Gender Issues?


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Famous sociology studies regarding gender issues include the gender identity studies of Jacques Lacan and the studies conducted by Alfred Kinsey on the role of gender in sexuality. Lacan's studies involved the gender identities of males and females and how they develop.

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Lacan's studies led to the development of the theory that gender identity and disorders resulting from it are not necessarily inborn qualities and that gender identity has much to do with the gender roles acquired and observed throughout childhood.

Kinsey conducted a number of studies during the 1940s and 1950s, made famous in a body of publications known as the Kinsey Reports. His studies have had a deep and profound effect on the understanding gender-based sexual issues. Among the topics that Kinsey studied are the role of gender in sexuality and the extent to which gender influences sex drive and sexual pleasure, His studies also explored gender differences in sexual behavior and the sexual taboos associated with each gender.

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