What Are Some Famous Sermons by Pastor John MacArthur?


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The famous sermons by Pastor John MacArthur include “The Rocky Soil,” “Fifteen Words of Hope” and “A Ministry of Reconciliation.” Pastor John MacArthur also gave some famous sermon illustrations such as “Aiming Too High” and “A Muslim in Need of a Savior.”

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In “The Rocky Soil,” Pastor MacArthur teaches about the woes of the superficial believer. The superficial believer appears genuine but withers with time while faced by difficulties. The faith in superficial hearts is not long lasting and people with such hearts respond to God for all the wrong reasons. They also quit easily in times of trials while the true believers in Christ remain in Him and eventually bear fruits.

The “Fifteen Words of Hope” sermon teaches about God’s love for all sinners. A sinner is capable of receiving full healing so as to be reconciled with God in an eternal fellowship. God is the principal benefactor of a sinner’s reconciliation with Him. It is, also, through the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ that reconciles every sinner with God. Due to the sacrifice of Christ, God perceives all humans as righteous before Him.

MacArthur's "A Muslim in Need of a Savior" sermon illustration tells the story of the pastor's encounter with a Muslim who seemed interested in learning about Christ and Christianity. Pastor MacArthur encountered the man while flying to El Paso to conduct a men's conference.

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