Who Are Some Famous People With Mental Illness?


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Britney Spears is one famous person who has famously battled mental illness. The singer and actress allowed the public to find out she has been diagnosed with a personality disorder. Spears had a public breakdown in 2008 that prompted the court to appoint guardians who made several decisions for her before she began seeking treatment.

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Demi Lovato is another singer and actress (and former Disney channel star) who has gone public with her struggles. Lovato checked into rehab with personality and physical issues. The singer has been diagnosed with personality disorders such as cutting, bulimia and bipolar disorder. Rene Russo was the "it" girl of the late 1980s and 90s, but she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has been undergoing treatment for that illness.

Amanda Bynes is another actress who was a child star and has recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder. Her particular disorder also lead to addiction and recreational drug use, as well as unusual performances on social media and in her apartment building. Buzz Aldrin is one famous person who made his fame as the first man on the moon, as opposed to working in front of the camera. Aldrin suffered from depression and alcoholism.

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