Who Are Some Famous Freemasons?


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Some famous people who were associated with Freemasonry include Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Simon Bolivar and Mark Twain. Other Freemasons in more recent history include John Elway, Jesse Jackson, Silvio Berlusconi and J. Edgar Hoover.

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Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States, was a member of Saint John's Lodge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He reached the rank of Grand Master of Pennsylvania in 1762. George Washington was a Master Mason at the Alexandria Lodge in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He performed Masonic rites during the construction of the U.S. Capitol.

Mozart was a member of the Charity Lodge in Austria and composed several Masonic musical pieces. South American political leader Simon Bolivar became a Freemason in Spain and founded a lodge in Peru. American writer Mark Twain was once a member of a lodge in St. Louis, Missouri, but he later resigned from the order.

John Elway, former quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League, is a member of a lodge in South Denver, Colorado as of 2015. Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson was initiated into the Harmony Lodge in Chicago, Illinois. Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was a member of an extremist lodge that was later disowned by the larger Grand Orient of Italy masonic organization. Former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was a lodge member in Washington, D.C.

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