Who Are Some Famous Female Saints?

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Helena and St. Joan of Arc are famous female saints recognized by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church canonized St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on Sept. 14, 1975, and St. Joan of Arc on May 16, 1920. St. Helena does not have an official date of canonization, as she became a saint before the process of canonization was established.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton founded St. Joseph’s Academy and Free School in Emmetsburg, Maryland, which was the first Catholic girls’ school in the country. She also founded the first Catholic women’s organization in the United States, the Sisters of Charity. St. Elizabeth was the first natively born American canonized by the Catholic Church.

St. Helena was the wife of the Roman Emperor Constantius and the mother of Constantine the Great. Historians believe she was at least partially responsible for her son’s conversion to Christianity, which resulted in Christianity becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church claims that she also found the cross used to crucify Jesus.

St. Joan of Arc led the French army in several battles against the invading English before the Burgundians captured her outside of Compiègne. The English charged her with several crimes, including heresy and witchcraft, and burned her at the stake on May 30, 1431. She is the patron saint of many groups, including captives, prisoners, soldiers and martyrs.