Who Are Some of the Most Famous Dead Comedians?

Some of the most famous comedians who are dead include Lenny Bruce, John Belushi, Chris Farley, George Carlin and Richard Pryor. Some others are Andy Kaufman, Bill Hicks and Robin Williams.

Lenny Bruce was popular in the 1950s, when his brand of blunt comedy was considered by most to be quite rebellious. He died at just 40 years old but inspired many great comedians of later generations. John Belushi was most widely known for his work on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s. He died in 1982 at just 33 years old. Chris Farley is known for his film career and for the iconic characters he portrayed on “Saturday Night Live.” Farley passed away in 1997 at 33 years old. George Carlin was an iconic American comedian whose wit and irreverence inspired many comedians who came after him. Carlin died in 2008, when he was 71.

Richard Pryor made waves with his raw, gritty stand-up act drawn from his tough real-life circumstances. Pryor passed away in 2005, at age 65. Andy Kaufman, who stood out for his controversial comedy style died at 35 in 1984. Bill Hicks delivered scathing observations about religion, politics and society in general. Hicks died at just 32 years old in 1994. Robin Williams was famous for his animated stand-up comedy and for his extensive film career. He died in 2014 at age 63.