Who Are Some Famous Charismatic Leaders?

Some examples of famous charismatic leaders include Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher. Charismatic leaders are generally those people who possess certain qualities that inspire people and encourage devotion to a certain cause.

Churchill was a military leader who inspired the Allied forces to keep fighting against oppression and dictatorship against Hitler’s forces. It is because of this man’s leadership that Allied forces were able to quench the fiery weapons of oppression.

Dr. King was both a religious and civil leader who strove to bring the people of America together. He united many and led them to peacefully fight against racial discrimination and inequality.

Gandhi helped in uniting the people of India to fight against an oppressive British power. The birth of the nation of India is partially attributed to his leadership.

Mother Teresa is one of the most famous women in history. She was a Roman Catholic nun who circumvented the globe doing good deeds and inspiring many to become better people.

Thatcher was a staunch leader in conservatism, making her one of the most celebrated political personalities in the world today.