What Are Some Famous Bible Prayers?

What Are Some Famous Bible Prayers?

Some famous prayers found in the Bible include the Lord's Prayer, Jonah's prayer, Eliezer's prayer, the prayer of Jabez and Solomon's dedication prayer. There are also famous prayers in the book of Psalms and the first book of Samuel.

The Lord's Prayer, located in Matthew 6:9-13, was a model prayer given by Jesus Christ to his disciples. The Lord's Prayer begins with expressions of praise for God and ends with petitions concerning God's provisions.

Jonah prayed from the belly of a sea beast and begged forgiveness and salvation from God. Jonah's self-titled book recounts that God answered his prayer by allowing the prophet to live.

Abraham's servant, whose name was probably Eliezer, asked God to guide him in his effort to find an appropriate wife for Abraham's son Isaac. Eliezer specifically asked that God inspire the woman to give water to Eliezer's camels; Eliezer's prayer was answered when Rebekah arrived. The prayer of Jabez, found in 1 Chronicles 4:10, is known for showing the potential blessings that someone can receive if he prays with faith.

Solomon's dedication prayer, found in 1 Kings 8, was a heartfelt expression of praise to God. The prayer emphasizes God's willingness to forgive a sinner who repents wholeheartedly. Hannah's prayer, found in the first book of Samuel, asked for a son. Her prayer was answered when Samuel was born.