What Does the Fair Trade Logo Represent?

Items that bear the Fair Trade logo are Fair Trade certified, meaning that the price of the item covers both the cost of production and a fair living wage for the workers to cover basics such as food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care. The Fair Trade logo also represents a commitment to environmental sustainability, empowerment of small-scale producers and fair and safe working conditions.

Fair Trade certified products embrace environmental sustainability by restricting the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides; banning the use of genetically modified organisms; requiring proper management of waste, water and energy; and protecting natural vegetation areas. Products with the Fair Trade logo are produced by workers who enjoy freedom of association, are compensated fairly and are treated well. Forced child labor and slave labor is prohibited. Fair Trade also encourages community development. Fair Trade producers reinvest their revenues in projects such as scholarships, schools and organic certification.

A large variety of products display the Fair Trade logo. These include coffee, tea, herbs, cocoa, fruit, vegetables, sugar, beans, grains, nuts, oils, butter, honey, spices and wine. Fair Trade items extend beyond just food. Certain home goods, apparel and even sports balls bear the Fair Trade logo.