What Are Factors Involved in Writing up Methodology?


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Factors in writing up methodology include a rundown of research methods. This explanation should be as specific as possible, and the methods should be backed by credible research. Discuss both strengths and weaknesses of the research methods employed, and mention any issues that may arise when using said methods. Also, indicate whether the methods have been successful in similar past research or if they are being used in a more experimental capacity. Discuss any potential challenges.

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Acceptable methods for academic research include interviews, observations, questionnaires and documentary analysis. Interviews are often the most successful way to gather information concerning the views, experiences or feelings of the study's test subjects. This method is best employed with a small sample size and a research topic seeking qualitative information that is conducive to open-ended responses.

Observations can provide both quantitative and qualitative information, as they can be used to determine precise numbers or survey reactions. While observations are useful tools, they often challenge the idea of informed consent, as subject participants often do not realize they are being observed.

Questionnaires are a fitting research method for studies with large sample sizes. Depending on the study's topic, they can produce either quantitative or qualitative information. Questionnaires are standardized, but some may allow for the addition of open-ended questions to solicit more detailed answers.

Documentary analysis uses data compiled from documents that already exist. It eliminates the need to obtain information directly from test subjects. It is usually used by historians but has found a home in social science as well.

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