What Are the Factors That Affect Students’ Academic Achievement?

Jeffrey Coolidge/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Academic achievement can be influenced by a variety of factors, from simple demographic factors, such as age, gender and family socioeconomic status to more variable factors like the quality of the teaching faculty at a student’s school and the way that students with special needs are grouped together. For example, in some cases, students of a certain gender or race may have a statistically better chance of academic success than their peers of a different gender or race. Additionally, home life, including parental financial status and the amount of support and stability offered at home, can have a big impact on how students perform in school.

An academic study published in 2013 has indicated that factors that are entirely out of most young students’ control can have a big influence on how they perform in school, showing that a parent or guardian’s socioeconomic status can have a strong influence on that student’s academic achievement. However, not all factors that influence academic achievement are out of a student’s hands entirely. The same study showed that students tend to maintain the same level of academic achievement throughout all of their years in school, with students who start out performing relatively poorly maintaining that level of performance until they leave school.