How Do You Face Your Fears?


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Neuroscience has shown that courage is less about facing fears than it is about learning to cope with risk and uncertainty; it can therefore help to specifically acknowledge the things that you are afraid of, thereby removing some of the uncertainty. Implement stress management techniques and practice acts of courage as positive steps toward conquering fear.

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  1. Choose to enjoy the ride.

    Courage is a habit that is nurtured by practicing acts of bravery. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and lean into your fear. Do things that frighten you and emerge smiling. Learn to revitalize by taking mini-relaxation breaks throughout the day.

  2. Journal your fears.

    Write or record your thoughts about things that have frightened you in the past, as well as memories of scary encounters that you managed to handle successfully. Analyze possible reasons behind your negative reactions. Allow yourself to be inspired and motivated whenever you review your bold accomplishments.

  3. Understand the illusion.

    Recognize that fear is an illusion. Rather than allowing frightening images to trail through your thoughts, practice stopping the story when feelings get too intense. Take control of the plot and purposefully change the ending. Create new stories with hopeful, victorious outcomes. Make fun of your fear and watch it fade. Surround yourself with beauty and joyous adventure.

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