How Do You Exterminate Carpenter Ants?


Exterminate carpenter ants by locating and destroying the satellite colony, addressing moisture issues, changing damaged or rotten wood and destroying the parent nest, according to the University of Minnesota. Use insecticides to eliminate carpenter ants indoors.

Observe and follow carpenter ants carefully after sunset to find their nest, especially during spring and summer, states the University of Minnesota. Their nests are typically hidden in hollow doors, wall spaces, ceilings or attics.Tape the lens of a flashlight with red film when following the ants, as the insects cannot see red light.

Spray a liquid or aerosol insecticide directly on the nest if it is not hidden, recommends the University of Minnesota. Also spray on surfaces traveled by the ants, including wall and floor cracks and baseboards. Replace any wood or lumber that has been damaged by moisture, as carpenter ants are attracted to damp areas.

After destroying the indoor nest, the next step is finding and eliminating the parent nest outside the house, states the University of Minnesota. Indoor nests are typically satellite colonies of a parent colony in a tree, fence post or wooden structure. It is essential to destroy the colony or dispose of the wood containing the nests. If it is too difficult to eliminate carpenter ants, seek help from an experienced pest-management firm.