How Do You Explain the Sacrament of Confirmation to Children?

People can explain the Sacrament of Confirmation to children by discussing the significance of the Holy Spirit and emphasizing that the sacrament allows the confirmation candidates to increase the gifts of the holy spirit that exist within themselves. Children need to know that the sacrament strengthens their bond and connection with the church and the community and unites their faith firmly with Christ.

By recognizing the gifts within themselves, children who are confirmed have the ability to defend and spread faith. Adults can explain to children that the sacrament is designed to give them the strength to preach the word of God to others as a united partner with the Holy Spirit.

Children can also learn more about the sacrament of confirmation by creating witness posters that show their journey to this commitment. They can include reasons for wanting to proclaim their faith on the poster board and provide information about the saint they admire and choose to mimic once they are confirmed.

Religious leaders can show the value of the sacrament of confirmation by asking the confirmation candidates to create a play or video that illustrates how they want to share their gifts and spread their faith in the future.