Why Do We Exist?


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The question of human existence remains universally unanswered, though many theories have been contemplated. The answer for virtually everyone is inextricably related to individual levels of faith and religious affiliation.

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One of the most popular theories for human existence is that mankind was placed here by God and must seek and find its best self by forming a relationship with God that culminates in being elevated to Heaven upon death. Some eastern philosophies do not embrace a Heaven or Hell specifically but do embrace a similar idea of human existence based on a quest to purify the soul. The belief that there is purpose in human existence is not universal, however. Nihilism is a branch of philosophy that subscribes to the idea that there is no purpose in life. Values and the quest to better oneself, therefore, are meaningless from a nihilistic standpoint, because there is no motivation to do so. From a purely scientific perspective, scientists believe that humans came into existence as the result of micro-organisms that continually evolved after the earth was created by the big bang until, after millions of days, present day homo sapien emerged. This is based largely on theory, however, and has never been established with absolution.

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