What Are Some Examples of Words Related to Halloween?

Examples of words related to Halloween include bats, cauldron, eerie, ghosts and Jack-o-lantern. Other examples are goblin, haunted house, skeleton, spooky and vampire. These words are appropriate for use in Halloween word games such as word scrambles, Hangman and word puzzles.

Halloween is a celebration derived from the ancient Celtic holiday, Samhain. For ancient Celts, this holiday marked the end of harvest and the start of winter. The Celtic people also believed that this day represented a bridge to the world of the dead. This is why words such as “ghosts” and “eerie” are associated with Halloween. However, in modern times, Halloween is a merry holiday instead of a somber one.

Also known as All Hallow’s Eve and All Saint’s Eve, Halloween is celebrated in modern times with activities such as trick-or-treating, costume parties, carving pumpkins and visiting haunted houses. Trick-or-treating is a custom in which children wear costumes and go door-to-door asking for candy. Other Halloween activities are bobbing for apples, lighting bonfires, different divination games and telling scary stories.

There are many symbols associated with Halloween. Examples include pumpkins, skull imagery, horror movie figures such as Dracula and Frankenstein, scarecrows, and images of death or evil. Colors associated with Halloween include black, orange and purple.