What Are Some Examples of Women's Ministry Themes?


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Some women's ministry themes include biblical womanhood, spiritual warfare and relationship building. These themes can cover a broad range of topics, such as inner beauty and fighting temptation.

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Biblical womanhood involves the study of women's place in society, the family and the church according to Scripture. For instance, surrender and leadership might be a topic covered under this theme. Women might study the Bible's direction on appropriate situations in which to surrender and lead. This can incorporate surrender to Christ, church or government authority and women's interactions with men.

Another aspect of biblical womanhood might surround topics of particular interest to the woman's psyche, such as inner beauty. A woman's need to feel beautiful can be addressed in discussing the biblical definition of beauty, which centers around bringing the Gospel to others and shaping one's character after Jesus.

Spiritual warfare, while not exclusively a female topic, can be tailored to women's interests and needs. Rather than discussing temptation generally, studies can focus on battling specific kinds of temptations that affect women the most. Other examples might include giving thanks during difficulty, fighting lukewarm faith and perseverance in the Lord's service.

Similarly, a relationship-building theme can hone in on types of relationships women experience. Groups might explore intimacy with Christ. Christian mentor relationships between older and younger women or between different spiritual maturity levels can be explored with female communication needs in mind. Women can examine what love looks like in the different relationships they maintain, such as friendship, marriage or motherhood.

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