What Are Examples of the Best Weapons for a Zombie Apocalypse?

examples-weapons-zombie-apocalypse Credit: Christian Aslund/Moment/Getty Images

In a typical zombie apocalypse scenario, survivors require a versatile mix of long-range, midrange and melee weapons. Long-range firearms are most useful against rogue human survivors in the competition for dwindling supplies, as they work from standoff range and, if used properly, can prevent hostile confrontations with uninfected fellow scavengers before they begin.

Zombies are unlikely to be engaged at long ranges, so accuracy and reliability take priority over stopping power against human adversaries. The Remington 700 offers both, and it has the advantage of being such a popular weapon that some might be left in abandoned gun stores after the first wave has passed.

Midrange firearms must be able to seamlessly switch between skirmishes with rival humans in unexpected meeting engagements and sudden zombie pursuit. A balanced mix of stopping power and a high cyclic rate are more important for this kind of engagement than stealth or precision. The classic AK-47 lacks the accuracy necessary to reliably score head shots, but it brings enough mobile firepower to clear the otherwise abandoned streets of enemy militias and packs the impact force to disable the zombies' legs.

Opinion is divided over the ideal melee weapons. High-caliber Magnums are powerful, but pistols suffer from limited accuracy and magazine capacity. An alternative is a glaive, a war hammer or another sturdy slice-and-smash weapon. Samurai swords are to be avoided, as they chip and break under stress and require considerable skill to use effectively.