What Are Some Examples of Utopian Societies?

What Are Some Examples of Utopian Societies?

Whether any real Utopian society exists is highly questionable, although there were a number of 19th century American communities that attempted to create their own normally highly religious utopias, most notably George Rapp and his Rappites, who founded a commune in western Pennsylvania. Because many people have a different definition of what constitutes a utopia, there are no concrete universal examples.

In contrast to the Rappites' idea of utopia, the South Korean city of Songdo is being hailed by some as a new utopia, especially in terms of technological integration.

The city has been constructed from scratch, and is entirely purpose-built, much like Canberra or Abuja. The aim is to make the city a global hub for business, residents and shopping, while maintaining a highly efficient and convenient infrastructure.

The site spans 1,500 acres of reclaimed land, and cost $40 billion to develop. As the city has been designed from the ground up, priority has been placed on using emergent green and eco-friendly technologies to make the location as environmentally friendly as possible, while minimizing carbon emissions.

Cutting edge technology is incorporated into every facet of the infrastructure, including sensors that monitor and regulate a wide number of variables, such as traffic and energy consumption levels.