What Are Examples of Things to Include in Catholic Confirmation Letters?

The main inclusion in the Catholic confirmation letter is the request for the confirmation ceremony. The letter should ask for ritual arrangements and clarify that the candidate's desire to confirm is his decision alone.

In a Catholic confirmation letter, the candidate explains the actions he has taken to prepare for confirmation. The completed actions should include confirmation classes, baptism, first communion, volunteer work and rites of reconciliation. Supportive documents proving these experiences should be attached. In the letter, the candidate must explain who he is and what his positive qualities and personality traits are. An explanation of why he wants to receive confirmation and what being a Christian means to him should be stated.

If he has chosen a saint name, the letter should explain the reasoning behind the name choice. This name will be announced in the confirmation ceremony.The candidate's desire to confirm should be strongly expressed. The letter should demonstrate a lot of enthusiasm and commitment to the Christian way of life. A description of how the candidate intends to live his life in a Christian way should also be included. The letter should be addressed to the priest of the church using the salutation "Dear." It should be concluded by thanking the priest for his time and attention and include the candidate's signature. It should be a formal letter that is type-written on clean, white 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches paper.