What Are Some Examples of a Spiritual Harvest?


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Some examples of a spiritual harvest are to encourage others to join the religion and to receive material blessings or eternal salvation by pleasing God. The Book of Galatians in the Bible says that a person who sows spiritual things reaps eternal life, but a person or a group of people who sow the things of the flesh reap corruption.

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A spiritual harvest is both positive and negative, depending on the circumstances. For example, if a person spends his life making foolish choices and committing sin, he reaps negative consequences. If a person does quality things in his life, there are positive benefits and blessings waiting as a reward. In a spiritual harvest, a person reaps what he sows.

If a country has a corrupt leader, the entire country suffers the spiritual harvest of the leader's actions. In addition to judging each person, God judges society as a whole with a resulting harvest of blessings or punishment. In the Book of Psalms, the Bible says that a child reaps some consequences of his parents' poor actions.

The Book of Proverbs says that a person who sins reaps vanity, and a person who acts righteously receives a genuine reward. The Bible also notes that planting seeds for a spiritual harvest occasionally yields no gain. The Bible explains that some of the seed falls on infertile soil but that some seed falls on good soil, where it grows.

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