What Are Some Examples of Self Appraisal?


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An example of self-appraisal includes phrases such as, "Employee John Smith's sales percentage has gone up this quarter by 13 percent." Another example is discussing goals met, such as, "John Smith's quarterly quota was 100 units. He surpassed his goal by 45 units."

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Self-appraisals need to draw attention to goals that have been met without communicating arrogance. Clear descriptions of contributions made to the business are important to outline in detail. When acknowledging mistakes, one should be sure to use developmental language, such as describing what was learned from the mistake and what areas still need work.

The person writing the appraisal should keep the focus on himself and be honest about his work without being negative or defensive. Even if there are issues in the office with other employees or supervisors, it is never a good idea to criticize another person. If the problem is significant, speaking with the human resources department or a supervisor long before the appraisal is written is the best course of action.

When completed correctly, self-appraisals can help an employee obtain important career opportunities. Highlighting an area where one has excelled can give a supervisor proof that a promotion or raise is in order. Showing enthusiasm about specific events or ideas can open doors to future opportunities with similar goals or needed skills.

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